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Victory distribution


Distribution of sports nutrition products in Russia is a complex process that demands in-depth knowledge of the global sports nutrition market and the active development of it in Russia by introducing the market to new brands which have become popular with bodybuilders from Europe and the USA, but are still poorly known in Russia. There are almost no large wholesale companies that are ready to provide a full range of services for sports nutrition retail outlets, gyms and other retailers, despite the steadily growing demand and growth of the sports nutrition market.

In 2015, the sports nutrition market underwent significant changes, leaving afloat only the key players, with Victory Distribution, which has maintained the high level of product quality and reasonable prices for end consumers from its first day, ranking top today. Regular marketing campaigns, participation in exhibitions dedicated to healthy lifestyle and sports enabled the company to not only leave its competitors far behind, but also to continue active development in a challenging economic situation.



Our services focus on distribution of sports nutrition products in Russia. Most of our clients are producers which need assistance with the setup of sales and distribution of sports nutrition products and sports accessories. We provide a full range of services under the most advantageous terms for our partners that varies depending on their capabilities and requirements.
We also provide services to producers that don't have offices in the Russian Federation. The range of services that we provide to our foreign partners includes: import of sports nutrition products in the territory of Russia, assistance with customs clearance, transportation to the selected warehouse (in compliance of all necessary product storage terms), sales through dedicated stores and sales outlets.
Additionally, on request, we offer analysis of one or several segments of the sports nutrition market with a purpose to identify new opportunities for selling the client's products.
Our partners, distributors with whom we have been having fruitful cooperation for several years now, are based throughout Russia. This enables us to regularly provide end consumers, even in the most remote regions, with high-quality sports nutrition products and sports accessories. Our partners, in turn, get the opportunity to expand their sales geography and become a larger distributor in their region.


Victory Distribution is a wholesale unit of VRG Corporation, which opened in 2010. The company has representative offices in Tampa, Florida, USA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The company aims at building a smooth logistical chain of sports nutrition products import from the USA and Europe to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Today Victory Distribution has exclusive contracts for the supply of sports nutrition products, clothes and fitness accessories with a whole range of producers, including such companies as Ohyeah Nutrition, Ostrovit Nutrition, NPC Active Wear, MEX Nutrition, Promera Sports Nutrition, JanTana Corporation, Fitness Authority, Kevin Levrone Series, KFD Nutrition and many more.

The company is constantly developing relationships with wholesale partners in Russia and the CIS, their total number now exceeding 300.

In addition to high-priority business of Victory Distribution, which is the development of the affiliate network, the company provides a permanent warehouse for FirstFit sports nutrition stores(


Russian Champion, Champion of Arnold Classic, European Championship runner-up, Absolute Champion of Moscow

Moscow Champion in Bodybuilding 2013, 4th place at Amateur Arnold Classic Europe 2014, 5th place at Amateur Arnold Classic USA 2015

Winner of "Now You Are In the Loop-2", Champion of Moscow Region among juniors under 166, Moscow Region Championship runner-up among women under 166

Four-time Moscow Champion, Central Federal District (Lyubertsy) Champion, Russian Championship runner-up, Amateur Olympia runner-up.

Winner of "Now You Are In The Loop", Champion of Moscow Region in Bodybuilding, 6th place in the Moscow Championship 2015


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Or email us at 45a Volgogradsky Prospekt St., Moscow